XJTLU Career Center System Service Agreement

careers.xjtlu.edu.cn Career Center System of Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (which is called ‘this cite’ following) is the Third Party Administrator for the employers, external mentors, XJTLUers, alumnus and staff. Please carefully read over ‘XJTLU Career Center System Service Agreement’ (which is called ‘this Agreement’ following) before using the system to register for the employer or external mentor. The registration is admitted only if this Agreement is approved and observed.

I. Introduction
1.1 Only if the user agrees with XJTLU Career Center System Service Agreement he or she could use this site to apply for the account of employer or external mentor and receive information and make remarks on this site.
1.2 Before using services on this site, the user must carefully read and fully understand the contents of this Agreement, especially corresponding terms about excluding or restricting responsibility and the individual Agreements for opening or using one of the services. Then you could choose to receive it or not.
1.3 Once the user uses the services provided by this site, he or she agrees to accept this Agreement and receive its constraint.
1.4 Unless the user has read, understood and accepted all the items, anyone is not allowed to use the services of this site.
II. Service Description
2.1 As a service platform, this site can provide registered users with more information and services by using internet technology. However, this site is not involved in specific work of specific services (e.g. developing external mentors).
2.2 Due to the different levels of expectations from different users, this platform is not supposed to serve all the users in all services with one hundred percent satisfaction.
2.3 This site is entitled to amend terms and conditions of service in line with equity and fair according to the changes of situations in services. Meanwhile, it only requires to be published to the public on this site. There is no need of prior consent of users. After amendment, the new terms come into effect immediately when they are published. Users who continue to use this site after the amendment are viewed as those who agree to accept new Agreement and receive its constraint.
2.4 This site is not the subject of civil right or duty of relevant personnel-services contracts. This site is not involved in any dispute of users; but this site will offer all necessary assistance to protect the legal rights of users.
III. Service contents
3.1 Services provided by this site include:
Employer users:
(1) Can register and apply for employer accounts through this site;
(2) Can acquire information about XJTLU career fair through this site;
(3) Can publish activities, such as information about recruiting and campus events through this site;
(4) Can check the resumes of students who have successfully completed their application, and acquire their relevant profiles;
(5) Other relevant services.
External mentors:
(1) Can register and apply for external mentors accounts through this site;
(2) Can acquire information about external mentor activities through this site;
(3) Can communicate with XJTLU students through this site;
(4) Can join in the annual mutual selection through this site if complete application successfully ad acquire relevant information about students;
(5) Other relevant services (e.g. External mentor card, application for reissue the mentor offer)
IV. Rules for site content
4.1 The site content in this term refers to any information made, copied, published or spread throughout this site by users, including and not limited to registration information and authentication data such as account avatar, name and user instructions or sending, replying, auto-responders and relevant linked pages through texts, voices, pictures, videos and teletexts and the content produced by other accounts or website services.
4.2 Users are not allowed to use accounts or online services to make, copy, spread the following contents which are forbidden by law, regulations and policies. Contents that:
(1) Go against the basic principles established by Constitutional Law;
(2) Threaten country security, disclose national secret, subvert state power, or undermines national unity;
(3) Harm national honor and interests;
(4) Incite ethnic enmity or discrimination or undermine unity of ethnic group;
(5) Break national religious policies or propaganda evil cult, feudalism and superstition;
(6) Disseminate rumors, disturb social orders or undermine social stability;
(7) Disseminate obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, brutality and terror or abetting crime;
(8) Insult or slander others or impair the legal rights of others;
(9) Involve other information which is banned by law, regulations and policies.
4.3 Users should understand and agree with the efforts this site would keep devoting to providing a civilized, healthy and ordered network environment. Users are not allowed t use accounts or online services to make, copy, publish and spread the following content to disturb the normal operation of this website or violate the legal rights of other users and third legal parties. The contents referred include those which:
(1) Contain any sexual or sexual suggested information;
(2) Harass or spam;
(3) Involve other persons’ privacies, personal information or profiles;
(4) Infringe the right of reputation, portrait, intellectual property, trade secrets and other legal rights;
(5) Infringe other users or third legal parties.
V. Website service regulations
5.1 The website service in this term refers to any behavior users make through this site, including and not limited to registration and login, application for approval, operations and promotions of accounts and other behaviors performed through accounts or online services on this site.
5.2 Behaviors that are not allowed to do by using accounts or online services include:
(1) Submitting and publishing false information or impersonating others;
(2) Forcing and inducing other users to follow, click or share linked pages;
(3) Making up facts and keeping truth to misleading and treating others;
(4) Infringing the right of reputation, portrait, intellectual property, trade secrets and other legal rights;
(5) Inconsistency in authentication data and registration information, or in promoted contents and registered identity;
(6) Using plug-in or other third-party tools and services to join up this service or relevant system without literary permission of this site;
(7) Using accounts or online services to carry out any illegal criminal activities.
(8) Making and publishing methods or tools related to the above behaviors, or operating and spreading these kinds of methods and tools no matter the purpose is commercial or not;
(9) Other behaviors that violate law and regulations, infringe the legal rights of other users, interfere normal operations of this site or lack expressed authority.
VI. Account Management
6.1 This site reserves every right of the use of accounts. Users are entitled with the right of use of accounts after they complete the application for registration. This right only belongs to the initial applicants. It is forbidden to be presented, lent, rent, assigned or sold. This site has the right to reclaim the user accounts due to special operating needs.
6.2 Users are responsible for safekeeping secure registration account information and account passwords. Users are legally liable for the behaviors within registered accounts and passwords Users agree not to disclose the accounts or passwords information to others in any case. When users suspect that others use their account or password, they should immediately notify the site to deal with.
6.3 Users should comply with the provisions of this Agreement; use this service in the right and proper ways. If any user violates any of the provision in this Agreement, this website has the right to terminate the services for default user accounts in accordance with the Agreement. At the same time, this site reserves the right of withdraw accounts and usernames at any time.
6.4 If registered users do not login for a long term, this site has the right to recall the account according to special operation needs in order to avoid waste of resources. The resulting problems are supposed to be taken by the users themselves.
VII. Database storage
7.1This site is not responsible for the users’ failure to delete or store the relevant data in the service.
7.2This site has the right to decide the maximum storage period of a single user on the basis of the actual situation, and to distribute the maximum storage space on the server for the users. Users can also back up the relevant data of this service depends on their own needs.
7.3If the user stops using this service or the service is terminated or cancelled, this site can permanently delete the user’s data from the server. After the service is stopped, terminated, or cancelled, this site has no obligation to return any data to the user.
VIII. Risk and exemption
8.1 Users understand and agree that this site is only the platform for users to provide information share, communication, and access, users must take responsibility for all the behaviours of their own registered accounts, including the authenticity, legitimacy, effectiveness and accuracy of the information content, which users release, and take responsibility for the result of using this site. Users are supposed to judge the information content in this site by their own, and assume all the risks caused by the use of information content, including the risks caused due to the authenticity, legitimacy, effectiveness and accuracy of the content. This site cannot and will not be responsible for the loss or damage caused by user behaviour.
8.2 Users understand and agree that due to the need of business development, this site remain the right to unilateral change, suspend, limit, terminate or rescind all or part of the service content at anytime without any notice.
8.3 Users should guarantee that all the information posted on this site is true, accurate, and effective, and ensure that the documents provided to this site, for instance, the business license, organization code certificate, trademark registration certificate, E-mail, contact number, address and postal code, etc. are all real, effective and legal. If the information provided by the users is incorrect, illegal, out of date, or incomplete, this site has the right to suspend or terminate the service to the user.
8.4The users should guarantee that the information content published on this site does not infringe upon the right of any third party, if the losses of the site and other party due to the user infringement, the user should responsible for the corresponding liability for infringement.
8.5 The users should guarantee the service provided by this site to the relevant parties (or other users) shall comply with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations. Otherwise, the user should bear the corresponding legal responsibility.
8.6 The users should guarantee that the service provided by the user is obliged to comply with the requirements of the relevant parties (or other users), invoice for the relevant parties (or other users) according to the amount paid in cash, the user may not illegally evade taxes and fees.
8.7 The users should guarantee that the information content acquitted from this site, the user should only accept using the settlement and payment method provided by this site as the transaction cost settlement tool, should not choose other trading and settlement payment methods. Otherwise, the loss caused by users should assumed by their own.
8.8The users should guarantee that any contractual documents reached through this site, shall fully perform their respective obligations on the basis of the contractual documents in accordance with the spirit of the contract, any disputes arising shall not be attributed to the site.
8.9 The users should guarantee that all the consequences arising from the user account management should assume all legal responsibilities by their own. Including but not limited to civil liability, administrative penalty and criminal responsibility.
8.10 The users should guarantee that any loss caused when the site operation suffered national network, natural disasters, wars and other force majeure factors lead to normal users can not use, the users have no right to claim any right or compensation for damage from this site.
Ⅸ. Intellectual Property Statement
9.1 The intellectual property rights of all the content provided by the service of this site (including but not limited to system logic, web page, text, pictures, audio, video, graphics, etc.) owned by this site, the intellectual property rights of the contents produced during the users using this service owned by the users or relevant oblige.
9.2 Unless otherwise stated, the copyright, patent and other intellectual property rights of the software, which used to offer service by the site, owned by the site.
9.3 The intellectual property rights of the above and any other content contained in this service shall be protected by law. No person shall use or create any derivative works in any form without the written permission of the site, the user or the relevant.
X. Privacy protection
10.1 Users in the process of applying for this site, please keep the necessary information content true, accurate, legal, effective and timely update, in order to provide timely and effective help to the user, or better service for the user. According to the relevant laws, regulations and policies, please fill in the true identity information. If the user fills in the incorrect or incomplete information, the user may not be able to effectively use all the services provided by this site or restrictions in the process of using.
10.2 This site is dedicated to the protection of privacy information together with the users; protecting user privacy information is a basic principle of this site. This site will not disclose the user's privacy information to any company, organization or individual outside the site without the users’ permission, but unless otherwise prescribed by laws and regulations
10.3 Users should fully respect the privacy information of any person, which understand, receive or be accessible including but not limited to other users through the services of this site. Users should not have to collect, copy, storage, dissemination or use of other users' privacy information in any other way, otherwise, all the legal consequences borne by the user.
XI. legal liability
11.1 If this site found or receive reports or complaints of others in violation of the user Agreement, this site has the right to delete the relevant content without notice, and depending on the circumstances of the act to include but not limited to the warning, delete some or all subscribers, restrict or prohibit the use of all or part of functions, penalties for account closure and even cancellation, and notice the processing results. This site for the account in addition to the above penalty measures, this site has the right to cancel its identity authentication, and depending on the circumstances, to determine the temporary or permanent closure of the relevant account certification.
11.2 Users understand and agree that this site has the right to punish the violation of relevant laws and regulations or the provisions of this Agreement, to take appropriate legal action against any person who is against the law, and according to the laws and regulations to preserve relevant information to the relevant departments to report etc., the user should assume all the legal responsibility arising alone.
11.3 Users understand and agree that any claim, demand or loss of any of the third party claims, including the reasonable attorney's fee, caused or lead due to the violation of the provisions of this Agreement or related terms of service, the user shall pay compensation to the site and cooperation company and associate company, and to keep it from harm.
XII. Other Engagements
12.1 The establishment of this Agreement, validity, performance, interpretation and dispute solution should be under the law of mainland of the people's Republic of China (not including the conflict laws).
12.2 If any disputes or argues between the user and the site, the first shall be settled through friendly negotiation, if there is no Agreement upon the negotiations, The parties unanimously confirmed that the dispute or argue shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of the people's Court of the district where Xi’an Jiaotong Liverpool University is located.
12.3 The title of this Agreement is only for the convenience of reading,itself has no actual meaning, can not be used as the basis for the interpretation of the meaning of this Agreement.
12.4 The provisions of this Agreement for whatever reason of invalid or unenforceable, the rest of the terms are still valid, is still binding upon both parties.